Live Up In The Trees Inside The Cocoon Cabin

Published On 06/12/2015 Published On 06/12/2015
Cocoon Tree

Spending a weekend at a cabin in the woods is a great way to get back in touch with nature, but even when you're camped out in a house surrounded by trees it can feel like you're not getting the entire experience. To become fully immersed, you owe it to yourself to cozy up in a Cocoon Tree tent, a weatherproof spherical retreat engineered to hang up inside the forest canopy.

Cocoon Tree

The aluminum-framed, waterproof, tarpaulin-lined setup can be positioned nearly anywhere so long as there are enough trees and/or rocks around to tether its ropes. You won't need to worry about putting any egregious burden on the surroundings either, since the whole rig tips the scales at a surprisingly lightweight 130 pounds.

Cocoon Tree

Inside, an eight-foot circular mattress provides plenty of space to spread out and chill, and there's enough room to comfortably fit between two and three sleeping adults. Plus, just like your standard ground-level tent, it's equipped with a couple screen-lined windows to keep air moving and bugs out.

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