Meet Finisterre, the dudes who #coldwatersurf

In a countryside better known for its lush, rain-soaked greenery and the pubs that blokes frequent after long days under gloomy skies, there is a small community of surfers who prefer Great Britain's overcast forecasts and the swells they bring to the endless summer of sun-rich Hawai'i or Southern California. It's a different breed of surfer — cut from the jumpers of the grizzly fishermen who first embraced the Shetland Isle — and Finisterre is the flag they fly.

"They believe in a cause... and they find their solace in the sea." Here's what they wear outside of it.

Nimbus - ~$270
Their signature jacket, this updated design offers seamless, er, seam detailing and a hood that, with its new closure system, is not only a good fit but ready for fast adjustments should storms sneak up. And when you're sorting through your stuff, or otherwise not needing the hampering of gloves, there are double-lined microfibre pockets for warmth. Not sure what the weather is going to be like? The windproof, water resistant outer layer comes with a packaway pocket for easy carry.

Droskyn (L) &Rockall (R) Shirts - ~$120 & ~$130
The Droskyn features what they call a deep drop rear collar, making for extra neck warmth when needed. The mid-weight brushed cotton flannel is ideal as both a first or second layer, reinforced at stress points to make it stand up to both weather conditions and your own unpredictable ways. The Rockall is a weighty textured twill shirt, designed for durability and warmth, and is their toughest shirt.

Bowmont Fair Isle Jumper(Natural&Navy) - ~$260
Inspired by the original men of the sea over in their more frigid neck of the woods, these pre- and post-surf (or whatever you're doing) warmers are 100% pure Bowmont wool pieced together through double knit construction, meaning they're not only tough, but super warm as well. Thank the northern pastures for these hearty sheep!

Full Body Merino Set&Fiske Expedition Bundle - ~$150 & ~$200
As one might expect, these dudes know how to layer, and the first is always the most important. Featured among their many bundles, these two systems promise a warm surf check or walk in the blizzard to the corner bodega. The backbone of their Merino range, the moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial full body set is a cold weather staple: cool in summer, warm in winter. Ice in the water? The Fiske is designed for the coldest environments, and good on its own or as a second defense on top of lesser layers.

Enamel Mug&CWS Journal - ~$26 & ~$42
With accessories and other goodies galore, they've got a stock to shop. From hand planes and towels to scarves and beanies, its a nice lil' general store for anyone making friendly with a coastline this winter.

See their entire collection online.