Converse Debuts Rubber Chucks For Rain-Soaked Punks

Sloshing around in puddles while the sweet, sweet sounds of NOFX disintegrate your eardrums has been every high school punk's favorite pastime ever since longboarding went out of style. It's only the aftermath of said sloshing that can really trip you up—hence the reason we're pumped about the Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Collection.

These 100% rubber Chucks keep your feet safe and dry during rainy days, music festivals, and muddy mosh pits. Not only are they waterproof, but their soft fleece lining means they're comfortable too. Comfort during moshing = punk as f**k. 

Each pair is designed with a gusseted tongue and brass eyelets. Plus they're all unisex—just in case you're unclear on your shoe size/gender. They're currently only available in Canada, but you can pick some up in the States after September 15th.

These special edition Chucks come in seven monochromatic colors, plus a really cool white version that's being sold exclusively on the Converse website and at their own stores. We prefer the black ones, though, because they're as dark and hopeless as the act of conformity. Suck it, mom and dad!

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and still remembers when Chuck Taylors cost only a nickel.