Cotopaxi's New Outdoor Gear Is Helping Humanity

Earlier this year, we introduced you to Cotopaxi, an outdoor brand with one foot in performance and the other in philanthropy. But while most of its early collection was reserved for packs, the brand has since expanded, adding some outerwear to their arsenal. As per their mission, each sale of gear directly benefits a cause, which they spell out in no uncertain terms—there's no vague donation here. For instance, every Bengal Jacket that gets sold means a cancer treatment to someone in the developing world.

Below is a collection of several other items we can't help but love. Enjoy. 

Pacaya - $199 
Insulated by Polartech Alpha and coated with DWR nylon, the Pacaya has some killer details, including stretchy panels and a scuba hood. Every jacket sold provides two weeks of midwife training in Guatemala.

Sambaya - $129
Every brand has got to have some simple fleece goodness, and this is a masterpiece of Polartech Powerstretch. Every one sold provides one cancer treatment in Senegal.

Bengal - $269
Cotopaxi, not to be pigeonholed into a performance outerwear-only company, made a waxed-canvas jacket perfect for the city. Buy one and someone gets a cancer treatment who needs it.

Volta - $109
Cotopaxi gets into the roll-top game with the Volta, which has a unique approach to the design, adding a pocket on the top of the roll. If you buy one, three months of educational facilities are paid for a Ghanian student.

Kpong - $89
Cotopaxi, realizing that you can't always carry a backpack, made the Kpong satchel—which complements their waxed-canvas jacket really well. Buy this city bag and you take care of two weeks of education facility costs for a Ghanian student.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He would like to hike Cotopaxi someday. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.