Own a piece of Jurassic Park

All it takes is one eBay gem to completely warp your perception of what you can find on the Internet. For example, the original Velociraptor Cage Crate from Jurassic Park. Holy crap. Holy actual crap! 

This 1,000 pound wooden and steel crate is the original prop, which housed the ornery Velociraptor that killed and ate its unlucky gatekeeper in the opening minutes of the movie. Did we mention this comes with a full-sized Velociraptor prop, too? Greatest find since Han Solo's blaster.

It's a tad steep with its current bidding of $99,900 — but this piece of movie memorabilia is a pretty unique find. Once you forget that Velociraptors actually looked like this in real life, you'll be able to fully enjoy the history behind this prop.

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