8 Knives That Crocodile Dundee Would Definitely Approve Of

Australia has given the world so much: UGG boots, AC/DC, the hypnotic sounds of the didgeridoo, the nonsense lyrics of “Land Down Under” by Men at Work, and of course, the Bloomin’ Onion® at Outback Steakhouse. But the single greatest Australian export has to be the 1986 true-life documentary, Crocodile Dundee.

Bona fide badass and style icon, Mick “Crocodile” Dundee taught me how to assimilate to New York City culture, how to impress the ladies with nature facts, and the importance of choosing the right blade for the job. Nothing can replace his iconic Bowie knife, but I think Crocodile Dundee would put his stamp of approval on each of these 8 contemporary cutters.

Shun Reserve 8" Chef's Knife

Price: $375.00
Dundee doesn’t have much use for normal kitchen knives, but the products that Shun makes are far from normal. With a SG2 steel cutting core, an oversized blade for added weight, and beautiful Damascus patterning, this strong and versatile tool could come in handy in the wild. Whether it’s to impress or intimidate, the Shun Reserve checks both boxes.

Mike Craddock Reaper

Price: $750
Dundee would appreciate the simplicity and size of this custom piece because it’s not that different from his go-to. The smooth micarta handle looks comfortable to grip, and the 8-inch satin-finish blade is a work of art.

Gil Hibben Extreme Survival Bowie 

There is no way you can have a knife list like this without at least one Bowie in the mix. With its sawback teeth, this model is more John Rambo than Crocodile Dundee, but there are important life lessons in First Blood Part 2 that even Mick Dundee could learn a thing or two from. There is a reason this thing is advertised as the “ultimate jungle warrior.”

Kershaw Camp 10 

Price: $69.99
The textured handle and curve of the Camp 10's blade are sexy yet terrifying, which are also words that can be used to describe our rugged leading man. If by some cruel twist of fate I find myself out in the wild or in a post-apocalyptic world where cannibalism is rampant, this is the kind of weapon I’d wish for.

CRKT Halfachance

Price: $69.99
This not-so-little guy is ergonomically designed to keep your hands relatively pain free after a slash-athon, and the thick steel blade makes light work of most materials that Dundee would encounter in the bush. It’s also very affordable, so going double-fisted onto the plain is not out of the question.

Cold Steel Chaos Kukri 

Price: $129.99
This knife is more phallic than most, but that doesn’t take away from its badass-ness. According to Cold Steel, the Chaos series takes inspiration from knives used in the trenches during WWI and WWII. Figuring out what to do with the uniquely shaped Kukri may take some time, but that's okay.

Miller Bros Blades M2 

Price: $1,100-$1,400
The price on this is insane, but isn’t she lovely? The M2 is listed as a sword, but it actually looks like a two-handed knife on steroids. Available in three thicknesses, this knife could easily pass as the weapon of choice for an anime character. It may be too big for Dundee to use on a daily basis, but he would probably be as giddy as I am to test it out for a little while.

Tracker II Hunting Knife

Price: $79.99
This 13.5-inch knife is impressive on its own, but I love the fact that there is a fish knife hidden inside the handle...of this knife. Carrying a bunch of single purpose knives is impractical, but carrying this nifty carbon steel twofer would be a pretty smart move. Preparing food outdoors is just as important as killing it, and this knife has both tasks covered.

Andrew LaSane is a contributor to Supercompressor. He still owns hundreds of VHS tapes and awaits the medium's triumphant return. Witness his misguided nostalgia on Instagram and Twitter.

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