Crossbow Business Cards

In this age of LinkedIn, cell phones, and Facebook, carrying around a stack of business cards might feel a little too 1987. That is, unless you work for the production company Longbow, whose laser-etched, wooden cards each disassemble into a tiny crossbow and thus give every reason to continue the archaic tradition.

The concept—an obvious nod to the company's name—was dreamed up by a Australian brand consulting firm Filter, and the physical cards were laser cut by the graphic design agency Potato Press. The cards, of course, contain all the relevant professional contact info you'd expect, but take things to the next level by breaking apart into three pieces.

From there, the middle section transforms into a bow, and you can attach a rubber band to shoot your way out of that torturous networking event using toothpicks

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He just endorsed you on LinkedIn.