Daft Punk's New Gear is Awesome, But Their Ads are Better

Last year Daft Punk, everyone's favorite elusive French music duo, teamed up with Nile Rodgers, Pharell, and others and held every airwave in America hostage with the funky sounds of Get Lucky. Now, just as our Stockholm syndrome has thawed, Daft Punk has returned to the scene of the crime with some epic merch and some even cooler retro-inspired magazine ads, boomeranging us back to last year's soundtrack.

While their tank tops, t-shirts, and accessories are great (check 'em out below), the only poster they're selling is a "Lose Yourself to Dance" poster. And irritatingly, the ad for the poster is far and away better than the actual poster. As always, they leave us wanting more.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Gear editor of Supercompressor. He thinks Nile Rodgers' guitar is one of the most beautiful things in the universe. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.