David Beckham Helped Design Belstaff’s New Line

David Beckham obviously likes luxury goods—he married a woman actually called “Posh.” But besides getting photographed every other second flaunting trendy rags around town, he’s teamed up with British legends of luxury Belstaff to help design his own line of motorcycle-inspired apparel.

Stannard Jacket - $1,950
This is the classic “cool guy” jacket of the bunch. It’s inspired by the Isle of Man TT—the most dangerous moto race in the world—so we’ll call it true to form.

Harpton Jeans - $395
Becks’ slightly distressed denim looks classic enough, but has a slight deviation from the norm with a zip pocket. Wear them hard, and when you’ve pushed their limits, they’ll make some incredible jorts.

Kendall Jacket - $1,950
Compared to the Stannard, the Kendall goes with the asymmetric zip à la Ramones to give it some serious punk rocker vibes. London’s calling, Becks.

Marshfield Jacket - $995
We suspect that the Marshfield, the most vegetarian of all the Beckham for Belstaff collection, was produced under the influence of Posh herself, a PETA supporter. You can’t have canvas as a pet.

Fornham T-Shirt - $95
Becks, who has always taken a gentle ribbing for being “thick,” expertly designed this close-cut t-shirt for his collection.

Norley Boots - $695
He could have gone a ton of different ways with motorcycle boots, but Becks keeps things classic, brown, laced, and worn-in with the Norley.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He used to have a sweet 1987 Garelli SSXL Moped, though it doesn’t count as a motorcycle. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.