18 essentials for a casual hike to destination hangout

Technical meets functional meets city-appropriate when taking to the trail towards destination hangout. You do want to take advantage of fall, but aren't feeling the whole before-and-after set up-and-takedown affair that goes with camping. A casual day hike to a convenient yet woods-y escape is an easy way to dig some #campvibes. And don't worry: you'll be back in time and already dressed for drinks at your local watering hole, all the while avoiding late-night bears ransacking your site — unless you're into that sort of thing. For wherever you decide to go, don't forget these essentials.

Outlier Ripstop Merino Heavy Shirt - $275
You're going on a casual day hike, not a sweat-inducing summit. The super-duper technical wear is great and all, but these have the breathability and mobility (say "hello, Pivot Sleeve") you need while styled to keep you looking your best — in case a certain someone might be joining, or perhaps waiting back in the city for an evening drink.

Topo Mountain Pants - $129
Ripstop like your shirt, this durable, time-and-again reinforced pair of trail hikers have a trim cut without squeezing off circulation to your legs like some of the, er, "stylish" slim fits we're seeing cityside.

Icebreaker Anatomica Relaxed Boxers - $49.99
Sure, these are pricy for underwear, but you'll be thanking us when you're coming back to the city as you left: unchafed. The merino wool make for a comfy fit, and it also has a fly, so you don't need to go all chapless ass when you take a leak.

SmartWool PhD Outdoor Light Mini - $17
This isn't socks in your Christmas stocking or for your birthday. It's socks on your feet when you're putting a little more pressure on them than usual, probably sweating a little more the same. It's socks that are going to make sure you're ready to go out when you get home, rather than tending to countless blisters.

Leather Works Minnesota Classic Belt - $60
Coming in Black, Chocolate Brown, London Tan, Natural, and Black Cherry, we already deemed this "the last belt you'll ever need." So of course it's perfect for holding up your pants on a run-of-the-mill hike. [More... ]

Montrail Badwater Hybrid - $120
These cross-functional road-trail runners are less aesthetically egregious than most trail runners, and are comfier than a majority of them, but still have the stability to make sure you're not stumbling around if the road gets a little rocky, whatever terrain you're trekking across.

Coal The Dakota - $38
Don't think we'd leave you high and dry without any accoutrements. One of our favorite knit caps this season, its fleece liner will have your ears nice and toasty, the buffalo pattern will make sure any animals you run into know you're one with nature, and the pom pom showcases your sensitive side. Or it may just be a good-looking way to keep your head warm. Whatever your interpretation, it's a not-necessary-but-definitely-necessary addition to your outfit.

Airblaster Quilted Shirt Jacket - $89.99
In case your beautiful day frolicking in sun-kissed fields takes a turn for a rain-soaked worse — or it's simply overcast — make sure you have a light layer that doubles as a rain jacket. And it wicks away moisture from both sides, so you won't be sweating underneath your snazzy outward appearances. Also, at this price, it's significantly cheaper than its like-styled cohorts.

GSI Outdoors 1-L Infinity DukJug + Quickstraw - $10.95 + $3.95
The lid makes opening freezing cold water, or your favorite clear liquor, easy breezy. And the sippy straw attachment will help you avoid spilling whatever you're drinking all over yourself, though your new shirt-jacket's water-resistent tech wouldn't care.

HydroFlask Wide-Mouth Stainless Steel Growler - $49
It's insulated, so your 64 ounces of tasty craft brew keeps cold. Stay thirsty, my friend.

Odell Montage Variety Pack - $19.99/12-pack
There are a lot of beers that would be good to fill the growler with, but Wellspring, Isolation Ale, IPA, and Shilling 90 Ale are all season-friendly options that make sense outside. [More... ]

Helinox Chair One - $89.95
It's the ultimate camping chair, folding up teeny tiny for convenient transport, making it the ultimate chair for destination hangout as well. How else are you going to truly enjoy that bucketful of beer you brought with you?

Sitka x Deus Dirt Nap Bedroll - $120
Want to really lounge? This blanket makes any surface the perfect place to kick back  for a catnap or other horizontal activities. And while we're looking at it, it is probably the only blanket that might be labeled "masculine" without any sidenotes, aside from pelts and animal hides.

Epic Bar - $34/Box of 12
You're also going to get hungry after all that walking. And while a plateful of charcuterie is going to sound delicious, it's a pain in the ass to pack. It's your meats with some fruits thrown in: basically your charcuterie plate if it was lumped together into a hearty energy bar.

Huckberry Bush Smarts Game Kit - $35
How about a quick game of gin rummy or dice while you're relaxing for the hike back? This setup allows for both, in a more natural way than your iDevice.

Osprey Stratos 34 - ~$129 (Depending on retailer.)
What are you going to throw everything in? This scrambling pack, meant explicity for day hikes. It has plenty of space for it all, and there's some tech involved to ensure your back isn't matted with sweat when you arrive wherever you're going.

MotionX GPS - $1.99 (iPhone)
Don't be a cliche and get lost 'cause you weren't going to ask for directions. Even explorers utilize maps and things.

Commoner & Co. No. 984 Patrol Lead - $225
Think we'd forget about Wolfie? Why not have your own beast friend join you? This thing runs a little steep, but it's going to last a long time and there really shouldn't be a price on having your faithful companion along with you.