The ultimate winter assault vehicle

A Toyota Tacoma is a pretty rugged machine. But when left in the hands of snowboard-obsessed DC Shoes? It becomes a franken-vehicle designed to take any mountain, park, or urban jam session to the next level. People still have jam sessions, right? Who cares, there's a freaking tent on the roof. 

As if a fully articulated snowplow wasn't enough, DC bolted on a snowmobile rack allowing them to drive a full-sized snowmobile onto the truck bed, virtually eliminating the hassle of lift lines wherever you end up.

JOBOX, your mobile garage/fridge/stashbox is included free for a significiant amount of money.

It says something about a car when a snowboard rack is the least ridiculous piece of kit on the back.

As if all the above wasn't enough to get you and your crew through the door, they've built in an iPad Mini which gets networked into a bunch of wireless waterproof speakers. Translation? You've got the music covered at the next rail jam.