Dwyane Wade Made You Some Summertime Dress Socks

If you're not lucky enough to work in an office where shorts are allowed, the steamy summer months can be a real bitch. But at least you can make the best of it with some bitchin' warm weather dress socks designed by The Heat's Dwyane Wade.

A collaboration with Stance Socks, D-Wade's latest drop includes a run of colorfully imaginative patterns and designs that send a carefree Miami-style beach vibe up your ankle and calf, e.g., sunset-lit palm trees, green palm fronds, the glow of art deco neon lights, and even some subtle animal prints. If your feet are going to sweat, they might as well look great doing it.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He prefers to let his ankles breathe through Labor Day, but would totally wear these.