Amazon is Selling The Metal That Terminators Melt Into

You remember the T-1000, don't you? What would happen when Arnold shot him or when he would decide to change into something else? Do you remember when he literally became a puddle? Well, finally you can have some T-1000 metal that will melt in your hands. It's called Gallium.

Unlike Mercury, it's non-toxic and is a solid at room temperature. However, warm it up in your hand for a little while and it'll turn into a puddle of liquid metal.

While owning a small 20 gram chunk of this metal will net you some rad photos for Instagram, you could also sculpt the Gallium onto your finger and watch it melt off while you whistle Brad Fiedel's original soundtrack and picture swingsets on fire.

Obviously since it melts in your hand, it can also melt in your mouth. But just because it can doesn't mean you should.

This stuff is nuts. Get it on Amazon for $20.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is a former editor at Supercompressor. He was killed earlier this year and replaced by a T-1000, which has taken his form and his paycheck. His co-workers will see this and laugh, not believing, which is why we can be frank here. Here's his Instagram as well.