Gear up for the big shave

Your excuse for that masterful 'stache is wearing thin. And while facial accoutrements don't need a reason to exist, the looks at the office are starting to tell you it's time to clean up.

The Everyday Shave:

Harry'sThe Truman Set - $15/month
A Warby Parker co-founder and his friend are delivering another reasonably priced essential. This particular kit has the Truman handle, three blades and a tube of shave cream. All in a tidy box delivered to you each and every month. Saves you from the headaches as well as significant costs on those exorbitantly-priced pharmacy options.

Blind BarberThe Regimen - $58
All the necessities without the hour-long time investment and nit-picking. Though Harry's tube is great for the shave, this has a Watermint Gin Facial Cleanser, Shave Cream and Aftershave Soother to take care of the entire chore.

The Weekend Shave:

The Art of ShavingChelsea Collection - $150 (Fusion Razor) + $175 (Badger Brush)
A luxurious interpretation of the famed New York City neighborhood, this is best for the guy looking for a super smooth and extra close shave for nights out on the town sharing old-world sensibilities with its new, streamline design.

BlackbirdShaving Oil+Aftershave - $38 + $38
Also a modern interpretation of a long-standing product, the shaving oil is growing in popularity and common use as they offer greater protection and razor glide without relying on sometimes toxic chemicals. Already with natural healing and anti-inflammatory agents, this has even got Benzoin, a natural anti-depressant. The aftershave then calms your face down a little more, the perfect complement. What a way to get ready for the a good time.

The Throwback Shave:

Baxter of CaliforniaSafety Razor Set - $250
You're the kind of man whose grandfather and father had a huge impression on you, so Sunday mornings are set aside for a hearty meal with a good cup o' joe and the newspaper, of course following a nice, relaxing pre-work week shave. These safety razor types get so close that you're probably good skipping Monday morning.

Baxter of CaliforniaSuper Close Shave Formula+After Shave Balm - $16 + $18
This non-tubed/-canned cream makes sure your shaves are as seamless as if you were throwing down the big bucks at the the local master barber, and the aftershave keeps you from having that consistent irritation that makes you dread the scrape, even if it becomes more frequent than a slow Sunday.

The Quick-and-Easy Shave:

Dollar Shave ClubThe 4X - $6/month
Four cartridges with four stainless steel blades. Simple as that. Don't worry about maintenance 'cause by the time your ready for the next batch, they'll be arriving in the mail.

Port ProductsFace Saving Shave Formula - $25
A close, comfortable shave at the push of a spout. And it also has a bunch of natural extracts/goodies to protect your face no matter how hard you hack away at it.

We're going to miss that fuzzy friend...