Gibson's New Guitar Cable Records Your Every Note

When inspiration strikes, you sit down, grab your ax, and let 'er rip. But sometimes that incredible riff gets away before you have the chance to grab some empty sheet music (or tablature, because let's be honest, you're a guitarist and can't read music), and your moment of genius is lost forever. To make sure you catch every bit of magic that comes out of your improv session, Gibson is launching a new kind of guitar cable that will act as a net for all your melodic brilliance, just in case. Guitarists, meet the Memory Cable, your own musical stenographer.

Gibson teamed up with the recording gurus at Tascam to put a tiny recording device in the cable, which can save up to 13 hours of play onto Micro SD cards with CD-quality resolution. Since it has its own onboard preamp, you can use it without an amp or plug it directly into a PA. And if the battery dies or you don't feel like using it, Gibson says the Memory Cable will work like a normal, premium-quality cable.

Ethan Wolff-Mann has played guitar since he was little. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.