You Can Literally Vacuum Pack This Travel Bag To Store More Stuff

Published On 06/09/2015 Published On 06/09/2015

Carry-on luggage: the bane of the active traveler. You want to bring along a do-it-all bag that can fit all of your gear for the adventures ahead—but the airlines will only let you bring along something that only fits into a tiny cage and is never going to cut it once you land and get going. Break free of that cage with GOBAG, and then don't worry about your stuff wherever the trail takes you. This bag's tougher than you are. 


What really sets GOBAG apart is its built-in vacuum compression. Just throw all your clothes and other soft stuff in the bag, compress it using a vacuum or by hand—a hugely useful feature if you have to repack and a vacuum isn't handy—and marvel at how much space you have left for your other gear.

This, plus a dedicated computer sleeve, hidden passport-sized pocket, and clear bags for liquids makes this the only bag you'll need to take on the plane. And it's made of specialized TPU coated ballistic nylon, so it can take whatever you throw at it.


For now, GOBAG is on Kickstarter collecting funds for a launch in October. Preorder one for yourself here for about $185 and start planning all the kickass adventures you'll take it on once you have it. 

Brett Williams is an Editorial Assistant at Supercompressor. He thinks he just found his new travel companion. 

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