Medieval Chainmail Running Shoes Are Now a Thing

From the legendary Tarahumara Native Americans who honed the ability to run barefoot for hundreds of miles without injury, to the legions of modern-day dorks who swear by their hideous Vibram FiveFingers, people have been championing the all-natural sprint for centuries. As airy and liberating as it may be, subjecting your naked feet to city streets is straight-up dangerous. The solution? Chainmail shoes.

Designed to let people experience nature under primal conditions, these medieval feet sleeves allow you to feel water, air, heat, and cold just as you would uncovered, while protecting you from "lurking hazards" such as glass shards, sharp rocks, and rogue sword swipes.

To give you added traction on the trail or slippery sidewalks, you can opt for a pair with knobby, colorful gel "paws" on the underside, which look a bit ridiculous, but then again, you are wearing chainmail shoes.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. No, he will not be your running buddy.