Turn Any Stick Into The Ultimate S'more Skewer With the FireFork

Published On 05/07/2015 Published On 05/07/2015
Grandpa's FireFork
Light My Fire

Ah, the great outdoors. And as with most great things in life, it's even better with snacks. Here to better solidify that most wonderful of marriages is Grandpa's FireFork, a handy tool and poker that will turn any flimsy branch into a s'mores-making machine. 

Light My Fire

The holder is made from a single lightweight, stainless steel wire and comes with a poke-proof safety cap. Squeeze the FireFork to put it on a stick, then release for a nice tight fit. 

Pro tip: For a creamy yet crisp texture, cook your s'mores over a mellowed-out fire, rather than a leaping, freshly-lit pit. Happy camping.

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