Meet Your New Summer Kicks: The BAB

The secret to a successful summer shoe is the right combination of breathability, comfort, and the versatility to switch from backyard BBQ to an impromptu game of kickball on a dime. Fitting the bill this season? The Bab from GREATS.

The Bab is the fourth line of kicks from the new-ish Brooklyn-based footwear brand, and their first foray into the running shoe silhouette. As founder and CEO Ryan Babenzien explains, "Shape is such a major part of design, whether it's a car, or a watch, or a shoe, and we spent a lot of time building the shape of the Bab. We used an Italian lathe to get this sexy smooth line, which might remind you of an Italian car. [It's] designed with the idea of having the versatility of a trainer but the style of a chukka boot."

They're available in black, white, or red colorways, and made from particularly lightweight materials like an open mesh on the upper and an ultra-lightweight honeycomb insole, to ensure your feet don't get overheated or swampy during those day-long scorchers.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supecompressor. No matter how hot it gets he only wears flip flops at the beach.