Hard Graft's New Dopp Kit Is Gorgeous

Published On 03/23/2015 Published On 03/23/2015
Private dopp kit
Hard Graft

Why does your dopp kit matter? Because out of all your travel gear, it likely takes the most abuse. Being shoved in and out of suitcases, suffering spills of all kinds, and still protecting your razors, toothbrush and the like takes a rugged durability you'll find in spades in the Hard Graft Private Dopp Kit ($231).

Hard Graft

Made with a semi-vegetable Tuscan leather top and canvas body, it provides structure to safely stash your goods while still being lightweight enough to travel easily.

Hard Graft

Besides having durability worthy of its military-inspired name, it's a piece so good-looking that it'll be the last thing in your collection you'll want to keep private.

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