Harry's x Jimmy Chin: Who Says Mountain Men Need Beards?

Jimmy Chin, your mountain-climbing, Everest-skiing photographer friend from Instagram, has just collaborated with Harry's to produce a Truman razor designed by Chin himself, based on the traditionally loud colors of mountaineering.

Though the mountain-man look is pretty "in" these days, if you're a good enough mountaineer, like Chin, you don't need to advertise it on your face with a giant beard. The photos do the talking.

Chin took the German-made Truman razors to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming for a little photoshoot. They look good in the wild.

Harry's is selling the razors packaged in custom matchboxes for $15 a pop or $25 in a shave set.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor who likes climbing and photography. Follow him on Instagram.