These Silver-Lined Socks Will Destroy Foot Odor

It's summer, you're sweating, and your feet probably stink. But it doesn't have to be this way! Help is on the way. 

Co-founders Chance Heath and Manton Paine, creators of the eponymous brand Heath Paine, are on a mission to create stylish socks that keep your feet from smelling. Last week, Supercompressor caught up with the guys to get some insight on their new odor-eating operation. Read on if you want to be invited back to lunch by your co-workers. 

Looking to bring the technology behind active wear to something everyone can use, the duo settled on socks. "We loved the innovation of sport fabrics, but we didn’t feel we looked good wearing them to a bar or the office," says Chance, the 27-year-old entrepreneur from Montana. "We saw it as a huge hole in the market."

To fill that market, the guys have engineered some fashionable, American-made foot covers that capitalize on the serious buzz-kill of stink. "There’s more than one time where I’ve had to hide my feet under the table," Manton, also 27, says. "It’s more of a fear than anything else." 

How? To ensure your feet are funk-free, these beauties are woven with silver thread. That's right, silver. Its natural ion properties break through the cell walls of bacteria and fungi, keeping them from reproducing, and therefore, smelling like sh*t. Sounds like someone was paying attention in Chemistry class.

The silver thread comprises between seven and 10 percent of the sock, so it doesn't obscure the patterns which strike a balance between classic style and the founders' self-described "crazy, personal flair." Go standard with their sangria-hued version, or spice up your ankles with the neon "Saved By The Bell" pair, which, regardless of how good your feet smell, probably won't score you a date with Kelly

The socktrepreneurs noted that in many offices, the full suit and tie combo is dying out. "Socks are becoming the main outlet for people to express themselves," Chance says. (This NFL quarterback would likely agree.) 

What other odor-fighting apparel is next in line for Heath Paine? They say socks are just a—pun intended—"foot in the door." They say we can look forward to the guys weaving this same silvery technology into select pieces to fill mens' wardrobes with functional items they'll be comfortable wearing from the office to the bar. It's believable, too, since the guys hit their Kickstarter goal ($20,000) on Wednesday, and will now be introducing three additional patterns.

Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. There's a man in her life who'll be receiving these, in every color, for Christmas. Follow her on Twitter @ali_drucker.