How Much Do Police Cars (Hint: North of $100k) and Other Public-Use Machines Cost?

Every day we interact with dozens of machines that we take for granted. Water fountains...vending machines...elevators...traffic lights, the list goes on. We use this stuff all the time, but do you have any idea how much they actually cost? Maybe they're cheap?

They usually aren't. Here are 17 public things we use and see on a regular basis and how much they cost.

1. Vending Machine - $4,700

It does, however, pay for itself.

2. ATM Machine - $2,000

Plus the constant cash supply. 

3. Soda Fountain Machine - $1,698

This was probably on your childhood wish list. If it still is, it's not that expensive if you really want it.

4. Water Fountain - $500

Elite ones that fill water bottles are can be nearly a grand.

5. New York City Subway Car - $1.5 million

That's 600,000 rides. (There are 5.5 million riders every weekday.)

6. Traffic Light - $450,000

Every one is custom-made. They also have those trigger sensors built into the road, which can't be cheap.

7. Street Light - $5,000

This street alone is worth at least $110,000.

8. Street Sign - $50

That's how much it costs the city when you swipe one.

9. Elevator For Five-Story Walkup - $250,000

And they don't even give you a workout.

10. Escalator - $200,000

Or, three Cadillac Escalades.

11. Credit Card Parking Meter - $500

These pay for themselves very quickly.

12. Man Hole Cover - $200

They are usually custom-made, after all.

13. Regular Trash Can - $100

It's a big hunk of metal. It's not going to be that cheap.

14. Solar Trash Can - $6,000

When you add a computer, solar panel, and giant compressing motor, the price really skyrockets.

15. Telephone Pole - $350-$1,800

Fancy metal telephone poles really set you back.

16. Ford Police Interceptor - $105,960


17. Police Radar Gun - $1,895

Car-mounted versions cost extra.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He is very curious. Follow him on Instagram.