12 Gadgets You Need To Fight The Winter Blues

With comical amounts of snow punctuated by torturous subzero temperatures, this year's winter has ravaged the country and shows no signs of stopping. It's no wonder you're feeling miserable.

If you're tired of having your mood plummet alongside your thermometer, there are options out there besides a plane ticket or a strong beverage. Check out these 12 fixes that'll boost your attitude and tell winter to back the f*ck off.

1. Philips Wake-Up Light

This little guy naturally dims at night and slowly mimics a sunrise 30 minutes before you set it to wake you up and ease you out of bed. Getting yourself on a consistent sleep cycle energizes you throughout the day and can perk up your mood.

2. Negative Ion Generator

It's been noted that seasonal depression often coincides with a lack of negative ions in the air. Makes sense, since summer air reportedly has a high concentration of those magical aforementioned ions. What are they? Molecules with extra negative electrons, and they assist in purifying the air around you. This machine will add more of 'em to your atmosphere for just under a hundred bucks.

3. Portable fireplace

If you're snowbound and have only your four walls to stare at, you may as well make them as cozy as possible. The brushed nickel base of this portable fireplace serves up serious cabin vibes that're bound to heat up your place and your frame of mind.

4. Re-Timer LED Glasses

It was only a matter of time before light therapy went wearable. One of the causes of winter doldrums is an out-of-whack circadian rhythm. The soft green light emitted by Re-Timer helps keep your waking hours more alert, so you can fall asleep more easily. Bonus: you will vaguely resemble Robocop's nerdier younger brother.

5. Full Spectrum Light Therapy Floor Lamp

Price: $259
Let's hope this sad-looking woman is the "before" image. This floor lamp serves up 10,000 lux of UV-blocked LED light to simulate the sun and banish the blues.

6. Cacoon hanging tent

Price: $550
Cabin fever can put a damper on anyone's outlook, so bring the outdoor activities inside and go camping in your living room. It's basically a grown-up tire swing.

7. Oxygen in a can

Price: $48
Wanna know why you feel so great in casinos? Because they pump 'em full of O2, which is naturally energizing and can help with muscle fatigue. Crush your winter laziness by spraying the good stuff throughout your home.

8. HappyLight Compact Energy Lamp

Price: $40
If you're not ready to commit to a full-size fixture in your house, this portable option gives off a natural spectrum light that improves your mood.

9. Vitamin D

Price: $12
You don't need to say no to every drug. When you're sun-deprived, an extra shot of Vitamin D is a great boost for your immune system, helping stave off those mid-winter colds that make you feel like suffocating under a pile of used Kleenex.

10. A snowgarita

Price: Priceless 
Lift those spirits with more spirits. A healthy serving of tequila makes an excellent addition to the frozen tundra hellscape known as "your world."

11. Snowball Slingshot

If you can't beat winter, embrace it. The Snowball Slingshot fires a baseball-sized hunk of ice at your opponent, which this year, may or may not have been a groundhog.

12. A puppy

Price: Priceless
And if all else fails, go out and get yourself a little ball of fur to chase those blues (and some tennis balls) away. You'll be too distracted by your newfound friend/obligation that you'll have no time to bemoan the lack of spring!

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She went through a lot of stock photos to bring you these sad puppies. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.