10 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Getting In Shape This Year

New year, new you? Screw that. New year, better you.

Getting in shape takes commitment, but it doesn't have to take up your entire life. From turning sex into a workout to apps that shame-post your skipped gym sessions to Facebook, here are 10 ways to trick yourself into peak performance. 

Get moving, guys.

1. Learn to shred in bed

Sexual Fitness - $9.47
Written by a fitness instructor, this sexy manual wants to turn your burning love into burning calories. A series of cheeky illustrations explains how to maximize many of your favorite positions to deliver a more intense workout between the sheets. This definitely checks a few boxes on your New Year's resolution list: tone more, bone more. [More...]

2. Shock yourself into exercising

Pavlok - $199.99
Unlike many traditional fitness bands, Pavlok uses the power of negative reinforcement and shame to help you get in shape. if you set a goal and miss it, Pavlok will deliver a 350-volt shock to your wrist and post your sad, sad failure to Facebook for all the world to see. The voltage can also be used for good, and not just evil, jolting you out of bed in the morning to prevent that fourth "snooze." [More...]

3. Start sitting smarter

Lumo Lift - $99
The benefits of good posture are endless. Sitting up straighter can prevent wear and tear on your joints, stave off arthritis, and even promote better breathing, allowing more oxygen to circulate. So stop your slouching and get yourself a Lumo Lift, a device that clips unobtrusively onto your clothing and buzzes when it senses your spine is out of proper alignment. [More...]

4. Walk while you work

LifeSpan Treadmill Desk - $1,299-$1,799
Chuck your God awful office desk and post up on this baby, which lets you step away your stagnant lifestyle. Just bring extra deodorant to work with you, okay?

5. Keep your gear classic

Tracksmith Apparel - Prices vary
The more versatile your workout gear, the more likely you are to wear it and not flake out on your gym time. From a Rapha co-founder comes Tracksmith, a brand of running apparel made from breathable fabrics and inspired by classic collegiate style that doesn't scream "gym rat," giving it longevity in your wardrobe on and off the treadmill. You're already dressed, so what are you waiting for? [More...]

6. Challenge a friend

Fitbit Flex - $99
Many wearables have social interaction capabilities that enable a little friendly competition between pals. If you don't have the motivation to exercise alone, make it a bloodthirsty war with a friend. The Fitbit Flex is so sleek and streamlined, it's easy to forget you're wearing it. It goes wherever you do, on the road or in the shower, counting steps and calories as you go, and comparing your daily goals to all of your friends who will surely pale by comparison to your athletic prowess.

7. Get a fresh perspective

Gymsurfing - Free to download
Fact: calories still count on vacation. Terrible but true, being away from home isn't an excuse to slack off. So explore a whole host of new gyms all across the country with Gymsurfing, an ingenious app that shows you all the facilities where you can score cheap guest passes, and see what each gym is packing in terms of equipment and how far away it is.

8. Ditch the trainer for tech

Radiate Athletics Long Sleeve Shirt - $34.99
Using NASA thermo-vision technology, Radiate Athletics has developed activewear that changes color to show you exactly which muscles are being activated as you train, allowing you to see areas that need improvement and get a more all-over work out.

9. Never forget your water bottle again

Fred Flask - Starting at $19
Drinking more water is literally the easiest thing you can do to get in shape. It requires approximately zero effort and involves no sweating whatsoever. So why don't you have a water bottle with you everywhere you go? Because they're awkward as hell to carry without schlepping a backpack or briefcase. Enter the Fred Flask, the first flask-sized water bottle that fits in your pocket, obliterating any reason to skip out on your daily hydration.

10. Fake it 'til you make it

Williams Sonoma Paderno Spiralizer - $39.95
If you ask any red-blooded American if they'd rather have pasta or zucchini, you can probably guess the answer. Vegetables kind of suck, but too many carbs make you fat. Trick yourself into eating more green things with this Spiralizer that cuts them up, creating "noodles" you can mix into pasta, cutting your carb-intake while still eating meals that don't make you feel like a rabbit.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She recently got a Fitbit and has taken 7,763 steps today. So far. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.