Check Out Hublot's Sexy New Miami Outpost

Hublot, for those in the know, are no strangers to flashy digs and exclusive timepieces. But when I popped down to Miami with Hublot during Art Basel for its star studded opening of their Design District Concept Boutique, I was impressed to find a lot less of the former, and a whole lot of the latter.

The space itself is a clean canvas, a blank slate which will be decorated only  with the most exclusive (and absurd) Hublot timepieces. Just a few miles away, at their Bal Harbour boutique, you'll find a smattering of stunning Big Bangs, and nutty La Ferraris, but you'll notice a distinct lack of ultra rare collaborations at the Bal Harbour location. That's where Design District boutique comes in.

They've stocked it full of watches like this hand painted Big Bang Unico, decorated by none other than Banksy Collaborator, Mr. Brainwash. Safe to say that you can file this under "If you have to ask, you can't afford it."

To be perfectly honest, as far as watch boutiques go, it's one of the starkest I've ever seen—but that's the idea. "We wanted to get out of the way of the watches and let them speak for themselves," said Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe. "In that respect, it's more like a gallery exhibit. These watches are works of art." 

What else can you expect to find behind the bulletproof glass cases? How about the 1/30 Big Bang Ferrari Hong Kong, designed to commemorate the 30-year presence of the Italian Stallions' availability to the Hong Kong market. Unsurprisingly, price is available upon appointment.

And this beast, the MP 08 Antikythera Sunmoon a $229,000 perpetual star calendar timepiece, one of 20 in the world.

We checked and the box is, in fact, included.

Head to the Design District (address below) next time you're in Miami to get the full experience in person. Photos just can't do it justice.

140 N.E. 39th Street
Suite 103
Miami, FL 33137