The Hammock Hot Tub Is The Greatest Invention Of All Time

Hammocks are the best. Hot tubs? Also the best. What could possibly be better? That's right. Both. Simultaneously. A hot tub hammock, you might call it—or by its given name: The Hydro Hammock.

The heavy duty hammock is made out of synthetic high tensile-strength fabric and can easily handle 50 gallons of water and two adult-sized people at a time, if you're looking for some suspended hot tub hammock action. It even has its own water heating system, so it actually will be a hot tub, not just a hammock with a puddle. 

The Hydro Hammock is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, so our dreams aren't quite a reality yet. To put yourself in a position to have one of these glorious backyard dreamboats come production time, head here and pledge $260 for a basic hammock without the heater, or $1,180 for a full package.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He can't believe this level of innovation and genius happened in his lifetime. 

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