This Foldable Electric Bike Looks Like It Was Designed By Apple

From aptly-named Impossible Technologies, this foldable bicycle looks like it was born in the thriving heart of Silicon Valley. Aiming to make the impossible possible, this fully-electric bike is easily collapsible and fits conveniently in a backpack. See, GIF: 


The bike's made of mostly carbon fiber, with joints that swivel in and out seamlessly for quick storage. It's built on a circular frame design, allowing for equal weight distribution once you open it up and lock the wheels into place.

Look at this thing go. Its re-chargeable battery allows a rider (driver?) to travel 15.6 total miles when cruising around seven or eight mph.

Plus, the whole thing weighs a measly 11 pounds and there's even room for your Macbook Pro. Maybe Apple did make this...

For now, it can only support 180 pounds. Time to hit the gym. 

Its Kickstarter stretch goals include Bluetooth compatibility, which would deliver GPS and a speedometer on your phone. But don't text and ride. 

Obviously, it comes in a murdered-out version. Because eco-friendly can have edge too.

Ali Drucker is a staff writer for Supercompressor. She, too, can fit in a backpack. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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