Live from CES 2014

Whatever happens in Vegas... shows up right here. The latest and greatest coming at you live from Sin City.

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And you thought your prom date just hated your tux. 

No, seriously I have absolutely zero room. You're gonna have to walk, babe.

Remember that Audi with the laser headlights? Well here it is.

The Meridian Audio Range Rover Autobiography. Easily the sickest car to cruise around Vegas in.

Sometimes, in the midst of all this CES business, you gotta blow off a little steam at Machine Gun Vegas. 

$65,000 worth of epic sound from Meridian Audio.

Dear diary: JACKPOT

This is Batman's weekend car. 

Bang & Olufsen just released the wall mounted hockey puck. Easily the sexiest knob I've ever turned. 

Ken Block's mean machine? Check.

Of course GoPro wins with their Pagani Huayra in full carbon fiber.

Q: Is this a see through dishwasher?
A: Yes, yes it is.

All your bar mitzvah DJ needs, all in one place.

How many PS4s do you have? 

We're putting the anus back in Sanus.


Put a camera on your dog, dawg.