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7 Ways The Bose SoundTouch Rocks

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Because trying to pump up the jams by putting your phone in a cup just isn’t cutting it anymore, Bose is releasing the SoundTouch Series II, an all streaming, all the time set of speakers that will blow up your Spot(ify).  Here are seven reasons why.

1. They’ve partnered with big names

Each member of the SoundTouch Series II family -- the 20, the 30, and the portable – is engineered to take a favorite streaming service and turn it into a torrent. It’s not only equipped with six preset buttons that can be tuned into your Pandora stations or Deezer music, but also able to stream playlists from Spotify or your own library.

2. They’ve got the power

Designed as a single piece system intended to challenge the multipiece home stereo, the SoundTouch 30 has two angled transducers, a freestanding, 5 ½in, 9lbs. subwoofer, and is outfitted with their award winning Waveguide technology, which disperses as much sound, as richly, deeply, and loudly as possible.

3. They’re designed for your home

Yes, yours. Unlike other stereos, the SoundTouch series has been specifically engineered to sound good in an apartment. Instead of just using an anechoic chamber (basically a room with zero surfaces for sound to bounce off of) as part of their testing protocol, their first priority is making it sound good in a place with regular human stuff in it.

4. They’ve got reach

Each speaker also works with the SoundTouch app, which lets you control multiple speakers in multiple rooms. For those times when leaving the couch is just not an option, a few taps and swipes will do you.

5. They play outside

As the portable member of the bunch, the SoundTouch Portable has been optimized for peak efficiency, packing in four speakers and two passive radiators (they act like small subwoofers but without the motors and coils) to maximize its two and a half hour battery life at full volume.

6. They’re new, inside and out

The SoundTouch 20 features a totally new custom transducer design that lowers distortion and maximizes output in the smallest possible package. It might not churn out the jams to the same level the SoundTouch 30 does, but it will be more than enough for any room of your home (or your entire home, depending on how big your home is).

7. They’re easy

Setting them up on your home Wi-Fi is almost as simple as putting your phone in a cup. Just plug it in and download the app on your phone or tablet, then prepare to be guided, step by easy step, to acoustic excellence.