Jaguar Helped a Classic Italian Bike Company Step Up Its Game

While legendary Italian bike company Pinarello needs no help whatsoever when it comes to anything two-wheeled, they got a little assistance building their new bike from one of the automobile industry's big cats: Jaguar Land Rover. Using the computational fluid dynamics software and wind tunnel of the four-wheeled Brits, the Italians radically transformed their Dogma 65.2 Think 2 — a two-time Tour de France winning bike — into the Pinarello Dogma F8, improving almost everything about this superbike.

Jaguar's input resulted in a serious aerodynamic improvement, kitted out in black (obviously) and a much more aesthetically pleasing design — which is weird, because you'd think the Italians would have had the style down before anything else. Comprised of some new aerospace-level carbon that's exclusively Pinarello's to use for a year, the F8 boasts incredible stiffness (so your muscles move the bike forward instead of flexing the frame) and retains the same legendary handling of its predecessor, which helped it ace downhill tests against far more aerodynamic machines.

Like most things Italian, the Pinarello F8 has that hard-to-explain appeal that perhaps emanates from the country's tradition of craftsmanship. With that tradition in mind, they even kept the ancient Italian standard of threading the bottom bracket (the pedal axle), instead of the English method. Pinarello says Italian is "synonymous of stiffness and long lasting performance." Shots fired.

While working with a British company like Jaguar over an Italian brand might seem like sacrilege to the purists, it's unlikely Enzo Ferrari would have wanted any part of the process. He'd probably have told all the pro riders: "aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines." 

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor and is a bike nut. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.