The 5 things Jeremy Jones Can't live without

Whether you're a snowboarder, mountain junkie, or awe-inspired bystander renting skis at the local shop, you've probably seen insane footage of Jeremy Jones. Professionally, he's known for his big mountain freeriding and upcoming video HIGHER with Teton Gravity — but around these parts, he's the backcountry boss with an insane resume.

National Geographic selected him as a nominee for 2013 Adventurer of the Year. And he is the man behind Protect Our Winters, a non-profit that engages and mobilizes the winter sports community to lead the fight against climate change. Did we mention he also started his own snowboard company, Jones Snowboards? Since Jones is an all-around good dude, he took some time off from riding pow to chill with us and tell us what he can’t live without.

GEAR: Jones Snowboards30L R-A-S Backpack - $199
If you're exploring the backcountry, this is something you shouldn't leave home without. This backpack will hold everything you need in case of an emergency and includes an airbag for when you find yourself in a sticky situation.
Jones: My backpack has my avalanche tools in it, holding everything including the shovel, probe, airbag, and receiver. This is essential — I don’t go in the mountains without it, ever.

TECH: SonyAction Cam -  $299.99
Sony has teamed up with Teton Gravity to create insane video segments using this camera. With big name athletes swearing by its slim design and splash-proof body, this camera packs a mean punch with full HD broadcast quality and an impressive 170-degree viewing angle. 
Jones - It is so small, there is no reason to ever not have it. The video quality is top notch, and I also use it as a video journal because of the professional audio quality. You could pipe it through a big theater and it sounds great. No brainer.

RIDES: Jones SnowboardsSolution Split Board - $849.00+
If you're not familiar with a split board, it's basically a pair of skis that connect together into a snowboard. Used to charge up dicey terrain and climb the backcountry like giant snowshoes, the Solution is a backcountry chariot and essential in the wild.
Jones - This how I get through the mountains. Climb up, snowboard down. Ultimate ride.

HOME: TRAINERball Sport Performance Ball - $29.99
Usually seen around your gym or grandparents' basement, the TRAINERball is the ultimate workout companion. Designed to help you stretch, exercise and improve posture, this ball includes 16 exercises with directions so you can maximize your strength and regeneration routine. Abs of steel, baby.
Jones - I use it for working out. I use it for stretching. I use it as a chair. I use it to play dodgeball with my kids. It’s one of the most used things in my house.

VICE:Mud Coffee - $12+
Located at 307 E 9th St, New York, NY 10003, Mud Coffee caters to the hippie in everyone with brews such as Mudtruck Blend, Mud Mojo Espresso & Mud Hippie Blend to get you buzzing in the morning.
Jones - I am a new coffee drinker so I’m loving the caffeine high of late. This coffee shop called Mud (NY) is the best coffee I’ve ever had.

Molly McGlew is the Social Media Editor for Supercompressor. She's a board girl fer sure, check her Twitter for proof.