This Snowmobile Works On Water Like A Jet Ski

If you're riding your snowmobile on snow, then you're doing it all wrong. Take a cue from the guys at Jet Blade, who adopted the cold weather vehicle's signature ski design to create an extra agile and durable personal watercraft.

Unlike other personal watercraft, the Jet Blade depends on three (two on the front, one in the back), 50 hp engine-powered skis for propulsion. In addition to letting the Jet Blade more easily traverse rough waves, the shock-absorbing skis essentially lift the craft into a floating position via an active tilt steering design, letting the craft fly across the water.

The two front blades also eliminate users' dependence on a directional water jet for steering, and enables more control over turning performance. Though the Jet Blade has yet to be financially backed for mass production, its creators hope to bring it to the market at $12,000 apiece.

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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