The 5 Things Joss Christensen Can't Live Without

Joss Christensen wasn't supposed to win gold at the Olympics. Hell, he wasn't even supposed to go. And once he snagged a spot on the talented American team — the final, discretionary spot at that — there were still strong doubts that he would make the podium. Well, lucky for him, he didn't give a damn what was supposed to happen. And now he's on a mother-f*cking box of cereal.

However, before he hoisted the top prize for the first-ever freestyle skiing competition, the talented young freestyle skier was cruising along through the competitive circuit when his father and biggest fan passed away a mere six months before Sochi. "I was questioning my career," Christensen says, "and if I wanted to keep competing. I had a sour taste in my mouth." But then he thought back to how he had arrived to where he was. He thought back to Big Bear, the first competition he did well at, years ago, where he ended up grabbing second place. He thought back to how proud his father had been, and continued to be throughout his up-and-coming career. So then he, himself, continued.

Sour taste washed out for the sweet taste of gold, all the kid wants to do coming back is return home to Park City and ride — though his roommates might be wary. Before flying out to Russia, Christensen yelled down to them from his balconied bedroom, "If I win the Olympics, we're burning the house down." For his friends, the live broadcast  undoubtedly was reason for a little anxiety. And while he has no plans to follow through, whatever happens, you know it's going to be party.

GEAR: Herschel SupplyCharlie Wallet - $19.99
None of the glitz and glam that distracts from effective functionality, this back-to-the-basics essential gets the job done, like our podium riser. Let's hope the skier has as long of a career as this coated cotton-poly fabric will last, which is a long time.
Christensen: I’ve had this wallet for a few years. I mean, it has a ticket for everything I want to do! This is one of those things I'll never lose: wallet, phone, keys — medal. 

TECH: iPhone5S - $199+
Sure, it's a phone. But phones are no longer simply "phones" anymore. This one's even got a biometric sensor. Was it I, Robot or iRobot?
Christensen: Black. Mine's black. And it's my portal to the social world. Instagram. Facebook. I also like to play a lot of games. I definitely play Candy Crush. Solitaire. Escape.

RIDES: GiantReign 2 - $2,400
Go deep with the six inches Maestro Suspension, you know, for all-mountain control. Get your head out of the gutter! With a tough frame capable of withstanding most things you'd throw yourself off of, it's the perfect bike for those who want to bounce down super steep grades with rough, rocky ways like a groomed slopestyle park.
Christensen: I love to bike. If the weather’s nice. If I get bored. I like the freedom. You can go fast — it's a great way to mimic skiing... when you're not skiing.

Home:XBox 360 - $299+
Before the latest iterations of the newest and fastest and coolest game consoles arrived on the market, this was something of a standard bearer with its comprehensive entertainment capabilities, from gaming to watching movies and television.
Christensen: I should probably upgrade to Xbox One, but this is what I got. I can watch anything on it. And games, especially playing online. I guess between this and my phone, I play a lot of games.

VICE: RockstarRecovery Orange - $48/24-pack of 16-ounce cans
A kick in the face to shake you awake. Not sure if "Recovery" or "Rocket Fuel" would be a better descriptor, but you get the point.
Christensen: Aside from video games? Caffeine. Video games and caffeine.

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