The Bracelet to Combat Skin Cancer

It looks like an oversized, gaudy circus diamond, but the unique shape of JUNE (good timing) can play a pivotal role in saving your life. This bracelet measures your exposure to the sun's UV rays throughout the day and gives you real-time advice on how to keep yourself from getting burnt to a crisp...or in other words, developing skin cancer. 

By checking the accompanying iOS app, you can immediately monitor your UVA and UVB radiation levels, which, in turn, lets you know what level SPF sunscreen to wear and how to properly protect your skin. JUNE will also tell you if you should put on a hat, wear sunglasses, or move into the shade. 

A few drawbacks: 1) it's not waterproof, 2) it only works through iPhones, 3) it's glitchy, sometimes turning your garage door on instead of telling you to slather on the SPF 50, 4) it's a feminine bracelet, so most guys will probably balk at wearing the bracelet for now.

Crafted to resemble the work of top French jewelers, JUNE is a dynamic shape that comes in three colors: Platinum, Gold, and Gunmetal. Obviously we'd go for the Gunmetal since we're comfortable in our masculinity. And the sun ain't gonna try and f*k with that combo. 

Jeremy Glass is the Vice editor for Supercompressor and spends comically little time in the sun. To learn why, follow his Twitter: @CandyandPizza