The World's First Carbon Fiber Solar Powered Bike

Handmade in Italy, Leaos is a completely self-sufficient e-bike that uses built-in solar panels to charge up while you ride around town. The bike's able to travel 55 miles on a single charge, and depending on the model you choose, can hit speeds up to 28mph.

The bikes are totally customizable, from wood paneling on the frame, to an upgraded Italian leather saddle from Selle San Marco

There's also a built-in LED light system and integrated display unit in the handlebars that can be controlled from a smartphone.  

It's no featherweight, clocking in at around 48lbs, but that includes an 11.6 Ah battery, NuVinci Harmony automatic shift system, hydraulic disk brakes, and a mid-sized engine equipped with loads of sensors for vehicle speed, crank speed, and torque. 

Base models start off around $6,800, but if you want to run the custom route, look upwards of $8K. At least you can rest assured that your power source won't be depleting anytime soon.

Alex Robinson is a senior editor at Supercompressor who pedals bicycles with leg power like some type of farmer. Follow him to giant calves on Instagram