When the lights go out, these are the tools for the job

These illuminating forces aren't afraid of the dark.

SOGBladelight Folder - $85
Inspired and forged from the hell that was the Vietnam War, SOG has been making some of the best knives, tactical or otherwise, for decades; yet they still find a way to do something quite revolutionary with this illuminating blade. Whether you're cleaning up firewood, chopping up camp food for dinner, making some emergency boat fixes in the eye of the storm, or whatever other lightless affair calls your attention, this thing is literally built for it.

DUALSAWRS1200 - $198
Jacked up on chopping things to pieces? This is the jacked-up lighted knife. The dual blade technology  is the one of the smoothest cutting and most versatile reciprocating saws ever built. And with a long (demolition/wood cutting) and short (plunge and metal cutting) blades you'll be cleanly through to the otherside in no time.

IMPEL TronicsExtendable Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight - $20.99
You dropped something or are otherwise maneuvering in tight spaces. Fortunately you have Inspector Gadget here: the LED flashlight extends to nearly two feet, and with two magnets on each end, keys tucked deeply in the nether regions are no longer forever lost.

ZeroHour - $160+
A bulldog of a flashlight, this indestructible design is of aircraft aluminum and illuminates for 24+ hours, and has an easy USB recharge as well. And its modular makeup transforms it from high-powered battery to watertight storage container (upon taking out said batteries).

Light & MotionGoBe - $299+
Possibly the most versatile flashlight out there, this compact life-resistant USB-rechargeable system has six different heads for different lighting needs, is accompanied by a handful of useful accessories, and doesn't mind late-night swims either.

CraftsmanLighted Long Nose Pliers - $16.99
The collection includes Lighted Linesman ($17.99) and Diagonal ($12.74) Pliers as well, so whatever your plying needs, they've got you covered in that you won't be caught in a pinch.

Craftsman6-in-1 LED Screwdriver - $7.49
Another part of the Crafstman Lighted collection, albeit not a plier, this has a detachable slide attachment that stores two separate bits with two different heads each (making for four in all), meaning it's not only illuminating but efficient as well. 

DeWalt 8V MAX Gyroscopic Screwdriver 1 Battery Kit - $79
If your screwdriving needs are a little more intensive, go with the jacked-up electric version with variable speeds.