This Automatic Bike Lock Has A 100 dB Siren

Published On 05/22/2015 Published On 05/22/2015

Your phone holds the key to most of your essentials—your financial information, your contacts, your sense of self-worth—now it can unlock your bike, too! Thanks to the good folks over at LINKA, you can now own the world's first smart auto-unlocking bike lock. 



The auto-locking and unlocking functions work by interacting with an app on your phone. Tap a button and a 9mm hardened steel ring will close to immobilize your bike. To unlock it, simply approach your bike with your phone in tow and it'll automatically release.

For even more peace of mind, the lock is built with a theft alarm. If someone attempts to ride away with the bike, LINKA will sound a 100 dB siren, alerting all area pedestrians of the bike burglar on-site. And should you decide to bike without your phone, for some inexplicable reason (seriously, why would you do that?), it can also be unlocked using a 4-digit passcode. 

Grab one here for $139.

Michelle No is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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