Live In A Hanging Cocoon Tent

Currently living in a residence that's not a teepee capable of being suspended from any load-bearing branch? Time to move, obviously, because starting now everything else will fall tragically short by comparison to the Cacoon.

Whether you're camping out in your backyard or dangling precariously over a cliff, there are no limits to where the Cacoon can take you. With the double version carrying up to 440 pounds, it can even be the two of you. Could anyone really say no to, "Hey babe, wanna come back to my place and hang out in my cocoon?" Probably, but you'd still have a ridiculously cool tent, and one fewer sex partner, because stop wasting your time with someone who doesn't want to be in a cocoon.  

At nearly five feet high, the Cacoon is made of a cotton-poly blend that's been treated with an anti-UV and anti-mold finish, so it'll stand up to whatever you or the elements put it through. Since it's wire-based, it can also be used free-standing for regular, non-tree-hanging camping.

It's machine washable, too, in case you accidentally drop yours in the ocean. 

Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. She's not outdoorsy, but for this she'd make an exception. Follow her on Twitter @ali_drucker.