Embrace the True Spirit of DIY With the Portable Sawmill

It's not very DIY to buy pre-cut lumber from the hardware store. Instead of cringing every time you have to gloss over the true beginnings of that very fine Adirondack chair you made, go to the woods and start building stuff from scratch using the Logosol M8 Portable Sawmill

The M8 allows you to mount almost any old chainsaw or bandsaw onto a carriage that glides back and forth over the rail to turn logs up to 17 feet long into lumber. Since chainsaws blades aren't quite up to snuff, Logosol makes one specifically for the sawmill so the cuts are millimeter-accurate.

While Logosol was able to get the M8's weight down to a very mobile level — putting it on top of a car is very doable — they obviously can't make the logs any lighter. With that in mind, they designed the M8 to help get the log up on the platform using a ingenious ramp design and special log-moving tool.

"It looks cool, although compared to a beefier constructed mill it might or might not measure up," Andrew Mann, a former sawmill owner, told us. "But you'd never haul one of the beefier units around over your shoulder."

That sure sounds like a challenge.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Gear editor of Supercompressor. He loves tools but doesn't like to be called one. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.