The Foldable Rowboat

If you've ever wanted to own a boat but didn't have the space, funds, or car to tow it, the Maarno Folding Rowboat might be just the thing to make those dreams come true.

Originally the project of two art students, they've been working hard on perfecting their prototype, tweaking the design to get it just right. 

Constructed from a single sheet of plastic, this boat packs down to five by three feet with the cushions and paddles, small enough to fit in a car.

The boat can hold two adults and is designed for use in both rural and urban environments, as well as in a flood rescue situation. But we think most people will use it like this.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Gear editor of Supercompressor. He had an inflatable boat called the Death Machine once. It was spray painted black and cost $25. It finally deflated after thirty minutes of being towed behind a pickup truck through the snowy streets of New England. Follow him and his deflated boat on Twitter @ewolffmann.