Mahabis: The Convertible Slippers You'll Never Have to Take Off

While you probably were under the impression that slippers had reached their peak of innovation years ago, a brand is taking the the long-thought plateaued technology to another level. With a new design that features a rubber detachable sole for outside use, Mahabis expands that slipper comfort zone from your home to, well, the world.

Inspired by Scandinavian, Moroccan, and Indian slippers and made in Europe, the Mahabis builds on the world's best and time-tested slipper designs.

Like a good slipper, the body is warm and breathable, and is soft so the back can collapse for easy entry. On its sole, there's an indoor grip surface so you don't fall if you happen to have the rubber sole detached.

This would be Costanza's dream shoe, but we think it looks a little better than the sweatpants.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supecompressor. His feet could be more comfortable than they are right now. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann