Meet Manready Mercantile

Ever since the day we stumbled upon Manready Mercantile's incredibly handsome Gentleman's Glassware, we were intrigued, and immediately wanted a set for our bar. Then we tried the Whiskey Soaked Campfire Jerky, and we knew it was the beginning of a long, meaningful relationship.

These days, men's brands boasting "Made In The USA" on the label are a dime a dozen. But the guys at Manready have set themselves apart since its humble beginnings in 2012, when founder Travis Weaver started making soy candles and soaps in his apartment sink. Born and raised in Texas with a penchant for hard work and honest craftsmanship, Travis envisioned a line of products that were of the highest quality, ethically made, and most importantly, something guys would love to use. 

In just two years, they've grown astronomically. Walk into their new shop in Houston on any given day and you'll find cold beers for the taking, leather goods, one-of-a-kind vintage finds, and a carefully chosen selection of menswear from likeminded American makers. 

Their motto is simple: "Work Hard, Live Well." This lies at the core of the Manready brand, along with the original line of apothecary products, still handcrafted in-house. Here are a few that we love.

The Gentleman’s Glassware - $36
This is what started it all. Available in sets of four, these 11 ounce tumblers are hand-dipped with black polymer. Each one is unique, and look even better when they’re filled with a fine whiskey.

The Noble Series Soy Candles - $28
These candles burn cleanly and come in four scents (we love the Bergamot + Teak) that are super subtle and won’t overpower a room. They’re made from all-natural, plant-derived ingredients and can be reused as whiskey tumblers once they’ve fully burned. 

Ye Ol' Goat Soap - $14
Okay, so these soaps smell insanely good, and they’re made on an actual real-life goat farm in Texas. Each one takes three weeks to cure and is packed with therapeutic essential oils that condition your skin every time you sud up.

Tub Soak - $38
Packaged in old whiskey bottles (sensing a theme here?), Tub Soak looks awesome in your bathroom. It's a citrusy blend of oils, Dead Sea salts, and Epsom salts that helps relieve muscle tension after a hard workout or if you’re feeling under the weather.

Beard Treatment - $29
This stuff is like super food for your face—great for itchy or dry beards, it also nourishes the skin underneath. Made with a blend of very rare East Indian Sandalwood essential oil, it smells outdoorsy with a hint of pine. 

Keller Powell is the Associate Editor at Supercompressor and she's got Manready Whiskey-Soaked Jerky on her desk right now.