MasterCraft's New Wave-Making Machine Is Bigger Than Ever

MasterCraft, that Wonka-esque company that designs boats that can produce a surfable wake, has just upped its game significantly with the X23. Larger than the X20 we've covered before while featuring sunken seats and an optional surfboard decor, it can produce the biggest surf-able wave possible, turning a lake or river into your own private Hawaii.

Or you could just go to Hawaii with an X23 and make a video. That's what MasterCraft did. Check it out below.  

The MasterCraft waves really make those standing waves on cruise ships and amusement parks look awful.

You can get some rad air.

Or toss a small child on your shoulders.

Or just lay down and take a breather. The wave's not going anywhere.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He has never surfed before. Outrageous. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.