Jeans Made By Zoo Animals

Pulling a wild and crazy PR stunt to get people to donate to your charity may be shameless, but it has potential to be ridiculously effective. Case in point: Hitachi, Japan's Kamine Zoo, which dreamed up the idea to auction off pairs of denim jeans they left to be "distressed" by some of its more aggressive inhabitants. Japan, you win. Again.

To make it happen, the team behind the operation first wrapped the animals' favorite toys—including old tires and giant rubber balls—with sheets of denim, then let them go buck wild on them.

Once they'd been sufficiently assaulted by the beasts' slobber, teeth, and claws, the denim was then retrieved and stitched into limited-edition jeans, which were recently auctioned off online. Minimum bids started at $500.

Your move, G-Star.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He's pushing for the next shipment to be gnawed on by pandas.