Sushi Socks

Do you ever pause and think to yourself, Why is there no way to proudly display the passion I have for sushi on my feet? Good news: your struggle is over. Straight from Japan are these life-like Sushi Socks, so you can declare your fondness for raw fish anytime, anywhere. Okay. 

The cotton-poly blend footwear comes in all your favorite flavors; salmon, octopus, tuna, and, if you're feeling fancy, red caviar. Folded up they look just like sushi, but unfurled you'll see just color blocked accents.

Sashimi, anyone?

What, no wasabi? What are we, animals?

JUST LOOK at the tails on those shrimp. It's all in the details, kids.

Knitted instead of screen-printed for extra longevity, these are perfect for anyone who prefers their dresser drawers more closely resemble a buffet than a sock drawer.

Ali Drucker is the editorial assistant for Supercompressor. But actually, where's the wasabi? Follow her on Twitter for soy sauce-soaked musings at @ali_drucker.

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