Meet Mott & Bow: The Warby Parker of Jeans

Published On 08/15/2014 Published On 08/15/2014
Fresh new denim by Mott & Bow
All Photos: Mott & Bow

We value our time. We value our money. We appreciate simplicity. Shopping for jeans isn't easy, and getting the right fit is essential and time consuming. Amid copious branding, trends, and styles, we've come across Mott & Bow, a fresh blue butt in the denim game. Starting with their straightforward website, Mott & Bow take the Warby Parker path and make buying a highly personal product easy by hitting the $96 price point and doing free shipping both ways.

The free shipping isn't just for returning something you don't like; they do the full Warby by sending you jeans plus or minus a size so you get the right one, much like carpet bombing the consumer with frames. One is bound to stick and make everyone happy.

With everything so straightforward—including exact measurements for the fits—the Kickstarter-born Mott & Bow lets you in on the details of manufacturing, with "Denim Science," which features an interesting series that shows you how it's made. If only everything was this easy to buy.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is an editor at Supercompressor. He is currently wearing jeans. Follow him on Twitter @ewolffmann.