Meet Westcomb: Canada's Most Elite Protection Against Winter

Canada knows cold. So if you're worried about surviving winter, look to our northern neighbors to find the latest, greatest gear. Founded in 2005 and based out of the Canadian Rockies, Westcomb has been producing some of the finest technical outerwear for the backcountry, doing so with an eye for simple and classic designs.

They've also recently entered into the street-worthy sphere of things, with their SUBZERO series, providing another alternative to people who don't want the same Canada Goose coat everyone else has, pretty as it may be. If you're tired of Patagonia, TNF, and looking for something different—or simply want some top-of-the-line outdoor stuff made in Canada—try Westcomb.

Himalaya Hoody - $460
Windproof and filled to the brim with insulation—we didn't even realize they can pack down in to 900-fill—this is a very un-secret weapon for staying warm this winter.

Soho Jacket - $500
This urban commuting shell might not look technical, but it is, featuring taped seams designed to keep the rain and wind out.

Echo Vest - $180
Westcomb does "dad-style" pretty well, using Polartec Alpha and PowerStretch to let a man move while staying warm. It's also coated with their durable water repellent. Just in case.

Mission Parka - $550
Westcomb's recent foray into the urban cold-weather market was a huge success, thanks to the Mission Parka. This hip-length coat uses a combination of synthetic Primaloft and down insulation, putting it all in a more formal package so it doesn't look like you just came back from the Karakorams when you walk into a bar.

Chilko Sweater - $360
A light down sweater is one of the most versatile outdoor garments you can have. In a backpack it takes up almost no space, but provides a ton of warmth for its weight.

Apoc Jacket - $500
You know all about GoreTex, but do you know about Polartec NeoShell? Considered by some to be even better than the legendary breathable waterproof kings, NeoShell gets the royal treatment in the Apoc jacket, which is one of the best shell's we've ever seen. Period.

Cayoosh Hoody - $320
Less intense than the Himalaya Hoody, the Cayoosh is designed for movement thanks to stretch panels on the sides.

There's a whole lot more coming soon, so keep your eye out for the new stuff when it drops.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is editor at Supercompressor. Winter is currently his least favorite season because he lives in New York. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.