Mercedes Made A Portuguese Cork Surfboard

Designed and shaped for legendary big wave surfer Garrett McNamara, Mercedes-Benz teamed up with Corticeira Amorim (the largest cork producer in the world) to create a cutting edge surfboard made entirely out of cork. 

Aside from looking like the S-Class of surfboards, this gun was constructed for a singular purpose: to surf the world's largest and most dangerous waves in Nazaré, Portugal. 


McNamara wanted a durable, yet flexible board that could take a pounding and stay fully intact under even the most epic conditions. 

Cork was the perfect answer. Not only is cork a renewable resource, but Portugal leads the world in its manufacturing.

The straps are utilized for tow-ins, which McNamara helped pioneer in Hawaii during the early '90s. 

If you could ride giants on a Mercedes-Benz surfboard made out of cork, you'd likely be giving a thumbs-up as well.

Alex Robinsonis an editor at Supercompressor. He grew up surfing in Florida and will now look at wine corks in a completely different way. Call him a kook on Twitter @ItsAlexRobinson.