The Completely Reflective Bike That Will Save Your Life

Staying safe while on the bike isn't about dodging cars — it's about being seen. While more and more people ride with lights, and companies such as Lights in Motion have improved their side-visibility, it's still a challenge to get seen on the road. Aiming to solve the side-visibility issue once and for all, Mission Bicycle Company is making the ultimate reflective bicycle. Check out the Lumen.

In the daylight, the Lumen looks like a low key charcoal-colored bicycle with a little bit of a sheen. But at night, the bike uses retro-reflective tech that reflects light directly back at the source, instead of scattering it.

To make this reflection possible, Mission Bicycle Company used Halo Coatings patented reflective technology, utilizing a paint with tons of tiny reflective spheres, which function similar to cat eyes.

The complete bike model comes with a Shimano 8-speed internally geared hub, but you can get just the frameset if you feel like building the Lumen up your own way.

Ethan Wolff-Mann is the Gear editor of Supercomrpessor. He has almost been doored 1,892 times. Follow him at @ewolffmann.